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Between the World and Me – Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates – Between the World and Me Coates’ book is structured as a three-part letter to his 15 year old son Samori. The letter outlines things Coates has learned about life, in particular the social matrix black Americans inhabit, the social order in America, this social order’s historical underpinnings and ongoing presence in the lives of black people, what … Continue reading

And Then All Hell Broke Loose – Richard Engel

Brian Engel – And Then All Hell Broke Loose Brian Engel is a Chief Foreign Correspondent for NBC News; this book was published in 2016. I am reviewing it because I randomly chose two primary texts for my 2017 summer composition class focused on the Middle East (criteria: had to be current, and well-reviewed). This was one of the texts, … Continue reading

Sugar in the Blood – Andrea Stuart

Sugar in the Blood – Andrea Stuart My interest in this book can be traced to Colin Woodard’s “American Nations,” a 2011 text in which Woodard argues (as others have before) that America has always been a battleground of competing tribes. One element of his text is to characterize the American South’s system of chattel slavery as essentially forged in … Continue reading

The Unwinding – George Packer

Review coming soon!

Snow Crash – Neal Stephenson

Review coming soon!

Vampires in the Lemon Grove – Karen Russell


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